Why NinjaMentors?

Good at something? Want to guide others who are trying to learn it? Especially in these times, maybe this is your way of helping the world. NinjaMentors helps you become a mentor and guide beginners on their journey. The gift of mentorship is free, but if you'd like to earn a token of appreciation from your mentees, you can opt-in for Paid Mentoring on NinjaMentors very soon!

Or maybe you are starting/want to learn something new and have questions.
Some problems with googling/online forums:
1. Solutions online can be out of date.
2. You can get too many conflicting results.
3. Solvers don't know what solutions you already have tried.
4. The problem description in your posted question can be unclear.
5. You have follow-up questions for the solution suggested.

NinjaMentors lets you connect with an expert and go into one-to-one discussion with them, which is a much more organic and natural way to solve a problem. You get the benefit of having constant access to an expert for future queries, and a long-term relationship with your mentor ensures that the solutions are tailor-made for you.

Some use cases of NinjaMentors:

You are stuck in a software bug and want to know how to solve it. Instead of relying on a one off answer in some forum which could well have got outdated, you can ask your mentor in NinjaMentors and they can see your screen share and solve your problem more efficently.

You want to be a sportsperson. Now to be a professional, it’s not just about playing well and there will be hundreds of small things(like how to market yourself) that you will need to know to be a professional and only another professional can tell you how to become one.

You are starting to learn music production and you created a new track. You want some expert to review it and give you pointers. Maybe some advice which can help you avoid mistakes in future.

You want to make a recipe with some ingredients, but one of them is missing. Normally, a person might call their parents and ask. But using NinjaMentors, you can quickly call a chef or anyone who just knows how to cook and ask them.

You have a date and you are wondering what to wear. You can call up a fashion-conscious person and ask them/show them your wardrobe and they will advise accordingly.

... among several others!

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